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Rafavi 10000 feet yak milk Featured

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Product Features: High nutrition and protein conjugated linoleic acid

Product function: suitable for people with nourishing needs

Product specifications: 250ml*12 boxes/box
Every drop of 10,000 feet of yak milk

All come from the Tibetan Plateau, 3,500 meters above sea level

All the time. 10,000 feet stick to organic milk source base

There is no gene improvement or antibiotic contamination

Good milk speaks in numbers

≥3. 5G /100ml high quality milk protein

Protein composition was mainly casein, <78-85%); The essential amino acids have a complete variety and a reasonable proportion, and are easier to digest, absorb and utilize than general plant proteins: their amino acid scores are all at the level of 0.9-1.0, while the scores of general plant proteins are only 0.3-0.5.

≥110mg/100ml Ga high calcium content

The minerals and trace elements in milk are dissolved, and the proportion of various minerals, especially the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is more appropriate, it is easy to digest and absorb; Calcium supplementation is stronger than other methods such as calcium tablets.

18 amino acids

18 amino acids (8 of which can not be synthesized by the human body itself) and vitamins and other natural nutrients, especially a conjugated linoleic acid (CLA can soften blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride in the human body, regulate blood glucose, improve calcium density and other important physiological functions.

10x CLA (" magic factor "conjugated linoleic acid)

CLA content details and ordinary milk 10 times!

As a newly discovered nutrient, CLA has almost become a panacea for the prevention of modern civilization diseases in the European and American health food circles. From anti-cancer to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and weight control, CLA is almost an indispensable health food for modern people living in the 21st century.

0 added, high altitude, original ecology

Never add any preservatives any preservatives, thickeners, Spices, essences!

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is also known as "one of the four super clean areas in the world" and "Roof ridge of the world's third polar boundary". Yaks live on the plateau above 3,000 meters for a long time. They do not take injections, drugs or antibiotics all their lives.
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