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Ebony juice drink - fruit juice type

Common price: ¥150.00 Our price: ¥100.00 Brand: MengjiyuanMengjiyuan

"Meng Jiyuan" Wumei soup, high-temperature canned, let each consumer drink healthy.
Taste: Sour,sweet, refreshing.;
Four major functions: Doesn’t feel out of balance with spicy food; heatstroke in summer; Thirst quenching and moistening dryness; Anti greasy;
Main features: ancient recipe, herb nourishment, can be heated; 
guanggao 300
Brand story:
Meng Jiyuan Wumei Tang, originated from the hometown of Mencius, was founded in the Meng family and was named Meng Jiyuan.
Before 2000, there was a village in the ancient Zou County of Meng’s birthplace. There are three sons in the Meng family. They are also the age of children. When the weather is dry and things are flammabe, Meng’s sons were Dryness heat and deficiency fire, so they go up the mountain to pick up Luoshen, sweet-scented osmanthus. Such as the efficacy of flowers and plants, the configuration of simmering has the effect of reducing heat and moistening, clearing away heat and detoxification. However, its taste is slightly bitter, and it does not appeal to children's magpies. Meng's family adds hawthorn and preserved ebony. After cooking, the color is succulent, not only moisturizing and reducing fire, but also sweet and sour. Soon after, Meng's soup was eaten by the population of the whole village. It is also the effect of nourishing and neutralizing, appetizing and benefiting. At the time of transit, Meng Jiyuan Wumei Tang always adhered to the recipe of Lao Zongzong. The real material was made by the ancients. The Wumei soup that was pulled out every time was like the original Meng’s made.
Product description:
Mengjiyuan “Wumeitang Drink, raw material comes from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It adopts a hundred-year-old formula, which originates from nature and eliminates all illegal addition. The PH value is between 7.35 and 7.55. The process is weak and alkaline, which is the best PH value segment of the human body. It has the functions of digestion, greasy, stomach, hangover, maintain beauty and keep young.
Each can of ebony soup is made by traditional tanning method. The whole process is subjected to two ancient methods, and each can of Ume soup is filled with high temperature. Fully extract the active ingredients from herbs and ebony, and bring nutrition and health with pure technology.
Immediately after 125 degree high temperature smashing, the high temperature filling process is adopted to prevent oxidation of nutrients. Maintain the product's mouthfeel and ingredient activity. Rich in vitamins, you can drink a variety of vitamins in every mouth, and replenish energy in time.
1 box,24 tins,310ml each tin.
The traditional craft of high-quality raw materials, the sweet and sour health "old taste"
1. Pickled ume, sweet and sour, derived from the northwest quality ebony without smouldering treatment, containing bitter citrate, can promote liver and gallbladder detoxification;
2. Herbs are added to reconcile health, X kinds of herbs are added, and the body balance is balanced, O added, tangerine peel, sweet-scented osmanthus, hawthorn and precious Luoshen, mixed with herbs to reconcile the body balance.
Herbs and eucalyptus multivitamins are all infused into the soup. Vitamin B2 is extremely high and has the effect of maintaining the body's acid-base balance. Inheriting the ancient millennium, we have prepared the best combination of raw materials, high quality, traditional authentic, original flavor.

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