Founded in 2009, Water World Group is a world-leading comprehensive solution provider for intelligent terminals and a national-level hi-tech enterprise, with its product lines covering such consumer electronics as mobile communication, intelligent wearable devices, smart home, automobile electronics, the Internet of Things and mobile terminals through satellite communications, as well as such services as big data and cloud platform.   
Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the headquarters of the Company has set up R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Guangzhou,Zunyi and the United States, with the focus on five fields: mobile communication, the Internet of Things, big data, AI and automation. It has also built large modern intelligent terminal manufacturing bases in Zunyi, Huizhou and India respectively, with a view to rapidly responding to the demands of clients worldwide.   
Our business has covered more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa so that we can provide our clients and consumers worldwide with cost-effective products and services. and services. 
Comparing with traditional design companies of mobile phone solutions, WaterWorld has certain bargaining power with upstream suppliers thanks for its industrialized business network. Moreover, it has the ability for "one-stop" solution, with all-round supplementary cost analysis in the aspects of materials, processing etc. It has modern manufacturing bases in Huizhou, India and Zunyi, which serve to fast response to customer demand and has the ability for fast delivery. Huizhou manufacturing base was established in 2012: Factory area of 18,000㎡, near 1,000 employees, 10 assembling lines, 5 packaging lines, more than 100 special production and testing equipments, monthly output of 1,200,000-1,500,000 units. Delhi manufacturing base in India was established in 2015: Located in Noida, New Delhi, near 2,000 employees, floor area of 17,500 sq. ft., 4-floor workshop, 24 assembling lines, 12 packaging lines,5 SMT lines,5 NXT,monthly output of 2,000,000-2,500,000 units. Zunyi manufacturing base in Guizhou was established in 2016: Floor area of 80,000㎡, 3,000 employees, 16 third-generation high-speed SMT equipments, 56 assembling lines, 24 packaging lines, high-standard smart terminal test center, monthly output of 10,000,000 PCBAs and 5,000,000 units.

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